Sylvester's story

Imagining The End

Finally ..... in 2008 he retired from Electric Word and finished his autobiography titled I Danced with Mrs Gandhi 

"University (16 to 20), navy (21 to 23), the stage (24 to 25), reporter (25 to 28), political editor (29 to 32), editor of Drum (33 to 35), London publisher (36 to 40, eventually to 87), in between setting up Anti-apartheid (41 to 45)... and much still to come. I'm no mere cat however, I'm hoping to end up with a total of more than nine lives before I expire: author, athletic champion, playwright, dog-walker..."

 and he closed his story:

Ah, then right at the end there will be something much more ambitious. As I turn 94 I will return to the idea featured earlier in the book. I will book a one-way ticket for me and my computer and I'll fly off to my spiritual home on the Moon, the Sylvestre Lacroix crater. By then space travel will have become an everyday affair, one can safely predict family groups even buzzing up on public holidays for picnics on the bright side. And I'll sit down there with my laptop to finish the story of my last months, until I come to the point when I say now, chaps, how am I going to finish my life's story as I'm still alive, which is why I thought I'd spend the time imagining how it would all turn out - taking my computer with me on a trip to the Moon where I'll sit down to imagine the ending, and begin to wonder what I will do after I decide to fly to the Moon and imagine how it will all turn out, and arrive at the point where the Moon will return and imagine it will sit on my laptop and...

Sylvester Stein died 28 January, 2015, having just turned 95 on Christmas Day (Guardian Obituary).